Zion-Memorial United Church, Carleton Place
16 April 2012

    Steve called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m.
    Steve Fahie; Ed Rockburne; Bill Irwin; Lynda Smith; Judy Buehler; Doug Schoular; Ed Chenard
    Regrets: Chuck Parent Absent: Jim Piche; Larry Palmer
    Motion to approve agenda by Ed Rockburne and seconded by Ed Chenard Approved.
  4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING (19 Mar. 2012)
    Motion to accept minutes by Ed Chenard; seconded by Judy. Approved.
    1. Dignity House Proposal:. Motioned by Ed Chenard and seconded by Bill that OVB donate $500.00 to Dignity House. Passed by majority of Exec. Three members (L. Smith; L. Palmer; D. Schoular) expressed concern with possible conflict with wording of current Donations Policy.
    2. 2012 AGM (Edmonton Alberta): Steve will follow up to confirm Chuck’s attendance with Steve (as observer).
    3. AGM:
      AGM Mailing Update: Steve and Ed Chenard invited approximately 132 FSNA members who live in our area but are not currently in our Branch.
      Static Display Confirmations:
      • Sun Life (Ed Rockburne): Because of continued non-response by Sun Life, static display could not be confirmed. Ed will continue to follow up on current lack of service - after AGM.
      • Johnson Insur. Steve advised there has been no response to message left.
      • Community Home Support – Lanark County: Lynda confirmed their attendance.
      Executive Reports for AGM Rollup (Chuck; Steve; Ed. R.; Judy; Doug): Doug advised of only 1 outstanding report: Judy will forward same by 17 April. All items to be included in AGM package are to be to Doug by 23 April, and he will have 150 AGM copies prepared .
      2011 AGM Minutes: As surnames of all static display reps had not been provided, Exec.decided that first names only were to be included. Lynda to forward amended minutes to Doug.
      Final Agenda: Judy to have draft agenda (with confirmation of start time for main speaker) approved by Chuck, before insertion into AGM package.
      Sound System: Ed Chenard confirmed equipment at Civitan Club is fully operational, but will have backup system available for 9 May.
      Judy will provide copies of all members registered for AGM and Ed Chenard is to provide a current copy of all OVB members (membership #s; names & addresses, if space is available).
      Clarification of initial agenda mailed to members: CCAC representation is from South-East this year (not Champlain, which covers Carleton Place area).
      Doors at Civitan Club should be open shortly after 8:00, to allow time for setup of static displays.
    Health Benefits Officer: Ed Rockburne advised of a member’s concern to receive confirmation of benefits through Sun Life re: purchase of electric bed. Ed again expressed concern that all members are currently NOT receiving prompt response from our service provider. The issue of a member vacationing; then stricken with illness - while still on vacation and being refused payment due to a pre existing condition still needs to be addressed.

    Membership: Ed Chenard advised he and Steve prepared list for inviting FSNA members (see 5c AGM Mailing Update) . Five invitations to AGM have been returned and Ed will followup to find current addresses (i.e. phone #; email; 411). Steve summarized report for AGM presentation: membership has remained steady; 10 members are 2 years in arrears with dues; 25 are in arrears for 2012; and 64 ‘lost’ members (dues deducted at source but address unknown).

    Finance: Doug presented the Branch Statement for 1 Jan.-31 Mar. 2012 showing a balance of $5,648.13. Motion to approve by Doug; seconded by Ed Chenard. Passed.

    Branch Editor: Judy advised Matthew from Classic Theatre has set Sunday, July 15 for FSNA Day. He will followup with invitation to neighbouring branches for this event. Next Branch report is due 4 May (with distribution June 5-15). Judy will include Classic Theatre’s ‘FSNA Day’ information
  7. BREAK – none.
    1. Surviving Spouse (Continuation of Benefits): Ed Chenard. (followup from Nov. 2011meeting) - Deferred to June meeting. Ed Rockburne will also look into this.
    1. AGM: Directors up for reelection in 2012: Ed Rockburne; Ed Chenard; Lynda Smith; Jim Piche; Bill Irwin.
    2. AGM Schedule Update: Judy will purchase a gift for the speaker and a roll of tickets for free draws. Moved by Lynda and seconded by Ed Rockburne that up to $50.00 be spent on gift for the speaker. Passed.
    3. OVB President: Chuck has advised he is stepping down at the end of this term and has asked Steve if he would be willing to be nominated as President. Steve has agreed to stand, which would leave the position of Vice-President vacant.
    4. Next meeting location: 7 May in Perth. Lynda to check: Sears building; Ennis building and Perth Library as a possible location. Ed Chenard to check availability of Farrell Hall or Jamieson Restaurant.
  11. Adjournment:
    Motion to adjourn at 2:25 p.m.

Future Meetings:

  • AGM – 9 May 2012
  • 9 May 2012 (immediately following AGM)
  • 18 June 2012 (tentatively Valley Heartland, Smiths Falls) – Steve to confirm.

(Minutes prepared by Lynda Smith)

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